NautoPilot® 20X5 Series
NautoPilot® 20X5 is Raytheon Anschütz’ professional autopilot series for all commercial ships of 100m length and above. It is characterized by the most advanced steering algorithms that ensure accurate steering with fewest rudder actions to keep the ship on a preset heading. Thus the NautoPilot 20X5 series reduces wear and tear on the steering gear and reduces fuel consumption – an important factor these days. NP 20X5 pays for itself.

NautoPilot® NP 60
The new NautoPilot® NP 60 has been specially designed for small ships. It is based on over 80 years of experience in automatic steering. This versatile autopilot offers highest precision in course and track control and gives best flexibility to fulfill your individual needs.

PilotStar D is the professional autopilot recommended for all classes of ships up to a length of 120 m. Due to most advanced steering algorithms PilotStar D is well known in the market for its excellent steering performance, accuracy and reliability.


Standard configuration with NautoPilot ® Series 2000, steering repeater compass, NautoSteer ® , NautoAlarm and additional equipment.

The variety of devices required for navigation and monitoring in the bridge area necessitates a functional design meeting work sequence-oriented and ergonomic demands. Today, approximately 15,000 ships all over the world use Raytheon Marine steering control systems.  All requirements for individual fitting of modern ships, from the smallest to the largest, can be economically met by Anschütz NautoSteer.

The 15-channel alarm unit NautoAlarm permits connection of 15 alarm- or status contacts, which can be configurated as needed. A potential-free signal output for the main alarm is standard. An additional device permits each alarm- or status indication to be assigned to a potential-free contact.


Rudder Angle Indicator System

Raytheon Anschütz provides all components for ship specific rudder angle indicator systems. Through the modular design and the variety of indicators all requirements with regard to IMO/SOLAS, class notations and Panama regulations are met. Raytheon Anschütz offers indicators with different dimensions, different scales, three-face rudder angle indicators and special indicators to meet Panama requirements. All indicators can be dimmed and are available with different protection grades.

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